Why Spartan?

What Spartan Has to Offer

Great Service

At Spartan Recoveries, we’ve built our business on personal relationships and responsive, courteous service. We know our clients by name, and they know us by name. We’re always responsive whenever you call, but even more, we’re easy to work with.

Robust Infrastructure

Spartan Recoveries has one of the most advanced automation platforms in the subrogation industry. From our automated systems that identify recoverable cases quickly to our advanced case management system—we are able to do more work, more quickly, more effectively than any other subrogation vendor in the field.

Leveraging Automation to Identify More Cases

Spartan has leveraged technology to identify recovery potential on claims with less than 100% liability. The creation of algorithms for Predictive Analytics and OCR tools are essential to get a jump on identifying and protecting subrogation dollars.

By enhancing our Identification Workspace (IDW), which now combines our algorithms for identification and failure reasons with State specific Statutory Laws, Negligence Rules, Statute of Limitations, Statutes of Repose and Contractual Statutes, Spartan has improved our ability to conduct forensic file reviews in less time. While we ae not working for technology, we enjoy having technology work for us, but also believe human intervention is essential to identify missed subrogation opportunities.

While other vendors are still identifying cases, Spartan is actively pursuing recoveries.

Superior Data Security

Most subrogation vendors enthusiastically claim to have secure systems, but if you ask a few questions, they may not be able to provide the specifics of that security. At Spartan, we claim to have a robust security infrastructure and we have proof to support the claim.

Spartan Recoveries has invested significantly in the systems, processes and controls necessary to ensure our clients’ data is well-protected. But we went one step further. Spartan Recoveries has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit. This arduous audit process means we have evaluated our systems and infrastructure against an objective industry standard, and we meet or exceed their requirements.

Protecting your customer data is important. Not only do we understand that, you can be confident that we have and will continue to make the investments necessary to maintain a secure physical and electronic infrastructure that delivers the protection you expect.

Operational Transparency

When you engage a subrogation vendor to pursue recoveries on your behalf, it’s important you are always aware of the work they’re doing on your behalf. With Spartan and our sophisticated case management system, you are.

When we developed our case management system, we included the capability for our clients to access the system so they could monitor individual cases, interact with assigned Recovery Specialists, easily refer new cases, upload relative documents, create recovery status reports, and much more.

This unprecedented level of transparency ensures you always know—and are involved in—the work we are doing on your behalf.

You Get Your Money Faster

While some recovery vendors distribute recovered funds infrequently; once a month or even once a quarter, Spartan takes a very aggressive approach and Net Recoveries are distributed weekly to our clients, which means they have faster access to their money.