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Workers’ Compensation Client – Closed File Review – Lien Recovery

The Challenge: The underlying WC claim arose out of two separate accidents which both occurred in February of 2006.  The first loss occurred on the 10th and the second on the 19th.  In both accidents the claimant’s vehicle was rear-ended and she sustained neck-related injuries as well as thoracic strain and a litany of low […]

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Commercial Property Client – Large Dollar, Complex Case Referral

The Facts: This case involved a $1,077,562 property damage loss for a commercial insurance client. The risk was a grocery store that suffered a large fire loss in June 2009 when it was alleged the adverse party technician left combustible material near the burner assembly of the hot water heater causing a subsequent fire.   […]

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Incorrect Light Fixture Installation by Contractor Causes House Fire

The Challenge: This Property Claim was identified during our FNOL review and involved an electrical fire loss where payment was made to the policyholder in the amount of $153,569. The fire allegedly started due to a light fixture being installed improperly by the electrical contractor. Unfortunately, the light fixture was not preserved after the fire […]

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