Incorrect Light Fixture Installation by Contractor Causes House Fire

The Challenge:

This Property Claim was identified during our FNOL review and involved an electrical fire loss where payment was made to the policyholder in the amount of $153,569. The fire allegedly started due to a light fixture being installed improperly by the electrical contractor. Unfortunately, the light fixture was not preserved after the fire and we faced major spoliation issues regarding our recovery, and as such the adverse carrier denied our claim as soon as our support documents were presented. While we did have an engineer report providing their opinion as to what started the fire, our pursuit of this claim was strictly circumstantial.


The Outcome:

We discussed this case with subrogation counsel and they advised this would not be a claim to proceed with through the courts. After extensive investigations and request for additional engineering reports, all based on opinion, our recovery representative was able to negotiate a settlement with the adverse carrier for $25,000.

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