Automobile Subrogation

Interesting scenarios involving automobile subrogation results.

16 Barriers to Successful Subrogation Recovery

A variety of factors can preclude successful subrogation outcomes and recovery results can vary greatly when any of these factors become a barrier. Some of these issues can be addressed through education, while others create challenges for all involved. The recovery specialist is responsible for making a convincing argument as to how and why the claim facts […]

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Building a successful subrogation program

Approximately 15% of claims are closed without identifying subrogation opportunities. Read More

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Automobile Arbitration – Tips for Success

Occasionally, even the most arduous efforts may still reach an impasse when claims adjusters are negotiating a settlement of an automobile claim when there is a dispute over damages and/or liability.  Fortunately, an effective low-cost remedy is to submit the matter to Arbitration for review and decision by an unbiased Arbiter. Success in arbitrating automobile […]

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Think Subro!

Many companies and self-insureds frequently leave large quantities of revenue unrecovered each year by failing to properly pursue subrogation interests.  read more here

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