Cargo Loss In Transit

The Challenge:

Spartan was assigned to recover damages to cargo while in transit ; damages totaled $12,975.22. Client purchased wood from a supplier who then contracted out to a vendor who then hired a trucker to ship the product from Arkansas to Iowa; a one-day ship. The Bill of Lading stated the “Product must be received clean and dry”. Nowhere did the BOL state that the load needed to be covered in tarp. The trucker allegedly asked if the load needed to be covered in tarp and was told it did not, however it did need to be delivered clean and dry. When the product arrived, delivery was refused because it was frozen, wet and warped.

The Outcome:

The Spartan Recovery Specialist determined that Salvage was available for the damaged load valued at $11,148.80 and advised the client it was in their best interest to accept the offer and cut their losses of $1,826.42 to avoid any problematic business relationship with the involved parties as they all have been doing business together for years. Spartan waived their fee.

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